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Kerala – Rameshwaram Travel Tips

Rameshwar Dhanushkodi

Visit Rameshwaram on Kerala trip

Located on the Indian coastal tip of Palk strait in the Tamilnadu state, Rameshwaram known for its Hindu pilgrim and historical sites.  Lots of travellers wish to visit Rameshwaram on their Kerala trip. But while considering the long distance from Kerala, most of them skip the attraction to save time. Here we explain how to schedule your Kerala – Rameshwaram trip to avoid hectic journey.

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Outstanding “Kalyana thandu”


Kalvari Mount, a matchless scenic spot In India

Wish to visit a unique place away from the normal tourist destinations?,  Kalvari mount also known as Kalyanathandu is the ideal place for you. Boasted in the Idukki district of Kerala, Kalvari mount attracts nature lovers from all around the world. The sight from Kalyanathandu hills to the catchment area of Idukki dam is mind blowing. The recommended time for photo enthusiasts are in the early morning or in the evening. Lucky backpackers get the added advantage of foggy views on their trip. The panoramic view of partially sank mounts located in between the green mountains is a feast to the eyes. If you wish to visit the place as part of  Kerala tour package, you can reach there by taking a diversion on the way to Thekkady from Munnar or vice versa.

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Trekking in Ramakalmedu

Ramakalmedu Trekking

Best Trekking in Kerala

Reach the mountaintop of Ramakalmedu and witness the most beautiful scenery on earth. This is the most attractive view of Westersn Ghats as the mountains are stretched endlessly beyond the eyes. The panorama of farming fields located in the valleys between the mountains at an invisible distance are visually pleasing. The cultivation of different crops in separate blocks gives a marvellous view from the heights

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Where to buy spices in Kerala

Thekkady Spices

Best place to buy spices in Kerala

Where to buy spices? It is a common question asked by customers on their trip to the spice hub – Kerala. Its  always recommended to get your spices from Kumily/Thekkady, a spice town located in the Kerala- Tamilnadu border. The Kumily Market provides good quality spices at a reasonable price and there are plenty of shops to choose from. Sometimes you can have a good bargain from the shops.

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Mayapot – a unique plantation bungalow at Thekkady

Mayapot Bungalow at Thekkady

Located inside the lush green cardamom plantations away from all the hustle and bustle, Maya pot Bungalow is an idle place for Honeymooners as well as nature enthusiasts. The stream of water flowing from underneath the bungalow is an absolute instance for nature’s miracle. The bungalow boasts a functioning cardamom plantation that surrounded and stretched to the hills. The pool located next to the rivulet, the gentle sound of the streamlet, the big rock inside the bungalow and the pathway on it makes Mayapot a unique plantation bungalow.

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Aamappara- a hidden gem in Kerala

Aamappara jeep ride

It took nearly 1 hour to reach Aamappara from Thekkady. First by car to ramakalmedu and then by a Jeep to Ammappara. We hired the jeep from the entrance gate of Kuruvan kuruvathi statue. We were diverted from the main road after few kilo meters and entered the narrow off road that leads to the hill. At first we were bit nervous while climbing the mountain road, but later we realised that our driver Mr Saneesh is an expert on these kinds of roads and gradually we laid back .Only Jeeps with front wheel drive can reach the top of Aamappara, luckily ours was a 4*4.